Right to Privacy

Cornerstone Christian Schools Online ensures all student's information is protected.

Cornerstone Christian Schools Online will abide by the student privacy guidelines set forth by the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). The following persons have access to student records:

  • CCS Board of Trustee members
  • Superintendent, Assistant Superintendent, Principal and administrative support team
  • Professional staff of the school (teachers, guidance counselor, advisor)
  • Other professionals who have a legitimate educational or legal interest in student records as designated by the Principal.

CCS will provide an academic transcript to the student’s primary school of record upon completion of their online course(s), or at any time upon the request of the primary school and/or student’s legal guardian. No member of the CCS staff is authorized to release student information without the written request of the student’s legal guardian or without the approval of the CCS Executive Director. The names of CCS students, their images, and their course work will not be published on our website or in video without student and guardian written consent.