CCS Online Technical Requirements

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Ignitia operates on Windows® or Macintosh® operating systems. The minimum system requirements to effectively run Ignitia are as follows:

PDF Reader

  • Adobe Reader version 9 or higher (reports in Ignitia can be generated as a PDF file as well as an HTML or Excel file.)

Supported Browsers

  • Google Chrome version 64 or higher
  • Firefox version 57 or higher
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 11 (For users of Internet Explorer on Windows 8, Itnigia must be operated in the Desktop version of Internet Explorer.)
  • Safari version 9 or higher

Browser Settings - browsers should be configured with these recommended settings:

  • Passwords: Disable features that automatically save passwords.
  • AutoComplete: Disable AutoComplete, as it often looks like a list of answers from which to choose.
  • Caching: Enable caching, but set browsers to clear the cache when closed.

Network Filtering Considerations

*, *, *, *, *, and * must be added to the whitelist of any filtering, proxy or firewall programs/servers in use.


JavaScript must be enabled for pages to render correctly.

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